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Our Wedding Photography at the Midland Hotel, Morecambe

Wedding The Midland Hotel Morecambe

The last wedding we photographed at The Midland Hotel in Morecambe was for a very special client.

When we moved from Suffolk to Kendal at the end of the eighties I went to teach and work as the Photographer in Residence at the Brewery Arts Centre, it’s literally across the road from where our gallery is now. The guy in charge of the photography department at that time was Hugh Greenland. Hugh was one of the first friends I made in Cumbria 28 years ago. Over time we have drifted in and out of each others lives, Hugh’s career has taken him to London and back two or three times and although he now splits his time between London and France he does get back to the Lakes on a regular basis.


Back in 2013 Hugh got married to the lovely Shelly and they had a fabulous Art-Deco themed wedding at The Midland Hotel in Morecambe.

It really was an honour when Hugh asked me and Josh to photograph the day for them. We made a slight mistake, one decade out, in our blog post at the time but here is what we called Hugh and Shelly’s 1920’s Wedding at the Midland Morecambe.


When it comes to photography Hugh knows what he is talking about. He has worked with some of the greatest photographers in the world and his academic achievements place him as a critical authority, he also knew our work really well.


I knew Hugh and Shelly were pleased with what we did for them because they told us so, and it is always flattering when any of our customers tell us or write a review about how much they appreciate our efforts but when somebody with Hugh’s credentials writes such a glowing review as he did a couple of months ago I just have to let the world know.

Hugh’s very kind and highly qualified words…

“…I have known Steven Taylor for many years and he is one of those guys who is passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated to the art of photography. He is well-read, educated, and has worked with some of the best photographers in the world. As such, his work is simply incredible and so it was an enormous honour when he agreed to be our photographer for the day when we got married at the romantic art-deco Midland Hotel in Morecambe, at what was a themed 1930s wedding.

I wanted someone with a unique and special eye, who would create a set of photographs that would be more than the usual wedding type, someone who could really capture the uniqueness of our day – after all, getting married is an expensive business and we had invested hundreds of hours in preparations and wanted the true essence of what we had achieved to be captured in film with the most spectacular imagery possible. We wanted wedding photography elevated to an art. With Steve Taylor I knew we wouldn’t be disappointed!

Steve and his son Josh were incredibly patient, respectful, and skilful in the way they worked. They prepared well and managed to eke out moments that others would never have seen, moments that have preserved our memories and are of such quality that they could be displayed on the walls of the worlds top photography galleries and not look out of place. I don’t know a team of photographers who are better at their craft than Steve and Josh, and they went beyond what we had asked them to do, with us from 9am to 9pm and working without a break.

I’d suggest that Steve and Josh should produce a publication on the art of the wedding photographer and run courses as their unique offering needs to reach out to others. They could, and should be, transforming the sector in this age of mass digital imagery and smart-phone technology when many must think of wedding photography as something anyone can do. Steve and Josh can show the world how it should be done.

I cannot find words enough to recommend them, and it really isn’t a cliché to say they are simply THE BEST!..”