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Way back in 1988 the very first time I approached a wedding as a documentary wedding photographer I made the decision to photograph a lead to the story. I photographed the preparations, details like the bride’s shoes, sometimes still in the box, wrapped in tissue, the dress hanging on the outside of the wardrobe and I photographed the activity and progress of the hairdresser and make up artist. In those days the usual approach to wedding photography started at the Church, half an hour before the ceremony time, so as with a lot of my approach at that time I was unique.

wedding photography windermere

In 2016 those preparation pictures have almost become a cliché, most wedding photographers start with the bridal prep now, and because there are two of us, in part, the reason there are two of us, we will photograph the groom’s preparations as well.


Last week, when we posted Emily and Luke’s gorgeous Windermere Wedding Photography we were struck with how beautiful the light was in the Bridal Suite at the Storrs Hall Hotel. Clearly Emily was beautiful and Gareth and Helen enhanced that but the light was special. I would have been happy photographing in that room all day.

wedding windermere

It might be an obvious part of the story to photograph in 2016 but we still think it makes a fabulous start to our wedding albums and we always get great pictures but the light in that room is special.

wedding photographer Storrs Hall

We have been to Storrs Hall a lot over the years. This was Michelle who we photographed there in August 2015. We blogged her Storrs Hall wedding a few months ago.

008009It’s that the same room with the stunning light, bounced off the Lake itself, pouring through the two windows to bathe the room, a photographer’s dream.

Windermere wedding photographyBridal Preparations


…After all the word PHOTOGRAPHY literally means writing with light.