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Black and White Wedding Photography at Belmount Hall and Hawkshead Church

Belmount Hall Wedding Photography

Bride and Groom at Belmount Hall


We love working in black and white and on nearly every wedding we photograph we will make around 60% of the images in black and white, here’s what we say about it in our FAQs, scroll down the prices page …

Your web site has a lot of black and white images, can we have more colour?

Yes of course.

Here is our thinking. We are documentary wedding photographers that means we are telling the story of your wedding day as succinctly as we can, we access a vast knowledge of techniques and devices that helps us do that. We prefer black and white for story telling simply because colour can distract. When you look at a colour photograph the first thing that comes to mind is the dominant colour, if the distraction of colour is removed you are straight into the narrative. Colour itself can be the narrative though. We know that some colours advance while others recede and if you place two complimentary colours side by side they will accentuate each other. When we use colour or black and white or any other device it is for a purpose. We never make random decisions. If you leave it to us we will normally end up with about 60% of the coverage in black and white. That all said they are your pictures, your memories so if you want the full set shot in colour, or the the lot in black and white, just tell us before the day and we will do whatever you ask.

Tony and Leanne though, who’s wedding was at Hawkshead Church with the reception at Belmount Hall, wanted the whole album in black and white. Like I said we love that so here you go…