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Day 5, Analogue Photography, Work Experience

  Lowell: Final day of work experience has been more relaxed, we watched a movie and used some big cameras. The movie was “Everybody Street” which showed both the fun and the importance of street photography. In the film both sides of the digital/analogue debate were argued. The print I made yesterday without supervision. After…

Day 4, Analogue Photography, Work Experience

  Lowell: Today was probably better than yesterday because we did more print development, you can see what is happening whereas the film is developed in the dark. We started the day by talking about the future of photography careers and degrees and we talked about how competitive the world of photography is especially since…

Day 3, Analogue Photography, Work Experience.

  Mary: We spent most of today in the darkroom which is very exciting. In the morning we made contact sheets from the negatives we processed yesterday. While the prints were drying we scanned our pictures from the pinhole camera on to the computer and put them into Photoshop. We cleaned up dust spots with…

Work Experience, Analogue Photography.

Day 2 Lowell: Today we started with turning our pinhole negatives into positives using contact printing, which involved trial and error but we got some satisfactory results.   Those are still drying so we’ll scan those tomorrow. During this time Steven Taylor introduced us to Jeff Buckley who we listened to until we had lunch….