Unobtrusive Story Telling

A beautiful picture story of your wedding day.

A beautiful “Photo Essay” without the fuss.

I have been documenting lovely weddings for years now. I know what you like and how you want to achieve it, I wouldn’t be the observant photographer I clearly am if I didn’t take notice.

There are a lot of photographers now who say they will make natural pictures without the need to pose but I have the experience and sensitivity to do just that, flatter you and deliver a cohesive story of your wedding day. That’s still quite rare.

Nicola and Jules from South Kensington got it in one…

“…The pictures really capture the atmosphere of the day, and the album is composed in such a way that as you follow the story, the whole day comes to life. You can really feel the sentiments and emotions that are expressed in the pictures…”

 One of the comments I hear most from couples who look at my work for the first time is “we didn’t know you could have wedding photography like this”. What I do is special, it’s unique. Not just because I only do it for a handful of couples each year but also because I will pick up on the individual character of your wedding. I will tune in to you and your guests so that the picture story I create will reflect you and your very unique day.

Sophie and Edmund from West Hampstead told us…

“… You have a great eye for capturing the atmosphere of the place and an unforced sense of the personalities of the guests…”

“…In whatever picture-story we try to do, we are bound to arrive as intruders. It is essential, therefore, to approach the subject on tiptoe… A velvet hand, a hawk’s eye… these we should all have…” Henri Cartier-Bresson from “The Decisive Moment” 1952.

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