London Wedding Photography.


Farm Street Church and The Saville Club, Mayfair, London

Alistair and Juliana chose us for their London Wedding Photography. The wedding was at the famous Farm Street Church in Mayfair. It is one of the most beautiful and oldest Churches in London and was the venue for Juliana’s parent’s wedding. The reception was held around the corner from the Church at the Saville club on Brook Street. The Saville Club is one of our favourite venues, not just because of the fantastic food but also because of the ornate, Art Deco decoration. It is a popular wedding venue and it is also often used for fashion shoots, clearly it will appeal to us then. Being just around the corner and as it was such a beautiful day it was a obvious that the party should walk between Farm Street Church and The Saville Club, that also makes for great pictures.

Although our gallery is in the Lake District we have always been a popular choice for couples getting married in London and our vast experience of photographing there means we are familiar with a lot of venues. We have family in London as well so whenever we work there we stay with them, it’s a great excuse to see them so we don’t charge any extra, we see London as much local to us as The Lake District or Manchester so we consider ourselves to be as much involved in London wedding photography as we do Lake District wedding photography. If you are holding your wedding in London and would like to talk to us, of course we would welcome you to our Kendal gallery or we can meet you in London, that would also be a great time to make some “pre wedding” portraits of you both.





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