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Documentary Wedding Photography

How much will I need to invest?

I try to give you exactly what you want with my unique approach to unobtrusive story telling. My prices are designed to allow me to do that, to devote the day and processing time exclusively to you. I can meet you sometime before your wedding at your venue or nearby.

I have tried to answer some of the questions I am often asked. If you have others and you want to check if I am available for the date of your wedding fill out the form. If I am available I will show you how to book, you can do it all online, or we can arrange a chat by phone.

Coverage usually begins 2 hours before the ceremony time and concludes half an hour after the first dance, but I can stay until the end if you would like. 2 to 3 weeks after the wedding all of the finished, edited files (between 300 and 600) are uploaded to my web site protected by a password. Once you are ready I will send you a full set with a license to print and share as you wish.

I am also able to offer you a shorter coverage from one hour before the ceremony up to sit down or a longer coverage from 2 hours before the ceremony to the end of the celebration party.

Package A  From 2 hours before the ceremony until half an hour after first dance. £1200

Package B From 1 hour before the ceremony up to sit down. £900

Package C  From 2 hours before the ceremony time up to the end of celebrations. £1500

Travel and overnight expenses are included for locations within mainland UK. Flights, ferries, accommodation and transfers are charged at cost for other locations.

To book I will need you to complete a booking form, which I will send to you if I am available, and transfer one quarter of the total package price. The balance will be due 28 days before your wedding day but you can settle it whenever you like before then. 

A Few More Questions Answered

How many pictures will you make?

I will show you between 300 and 600 pictures, maybe even more I’ll put those all on my proofing page protected with a password that you can share with your friends and family. When you are ready I will  send you a link to download a full set of the files at original resolution.

Your web site has a lot of black and white images, can we have more colour?

Yes of course.

Here is my thinking. I am a documentary wedding photographer that means I tell the story of your wedding day as succinctly as I can, I access a vast knowledge of techniques and devices that helps me do that. I prefer black and white for story telling simply because colour can distract. When you look at a colour photograph the first thing that comes to mind is the dominant colour, if the distraction of colour is removed you are straight into the narrative. Colour itself can be the narrative though. I know that some colours advance while others recede and if you place two complimentary colours side by side they will accentuate each other. When I use colour or black and white or any other device it is for a purpose. I never make random decisions. If you leave it to me I will normally end up with about 60% of the coverage in black and white. That all said they are your pictures, your memories so if you want the full set shot in colour, or the the lot in black and white, just tell me before the day and I will do whatever you ask.

Are the images copyright free?

When I send you your images I will also send you a license to print or share them for your own use. The copyright remains with me. this is to protect you as well as me, if I relinquished the copyright that means anybody could use your images without your or my permission. I will not use your pictures for any other use without your permission and I will never sell them to a third party.

If you catch pictures unawares how do I know I will look my best?

I spend most of the time at a wedding watching and waiting. I do not have cameras permanently glued to my eyes photographing anything and everything. I am telling stories so there are certain pictures, moments, that I look for. I am also watching the light, how you move, your expressions and the glances you make towards each other. Weddings are emotional. As a documentary wedding photographer I want you to look back at your pictures and remember not just how the wedding looked but also how it felt. I know what works and what doesn’t, that’s the advantage of booking a photographer with years of experience. I know that when you move into a certain light, lean towards each other or you exchange a glance, that’s when I release the shutter. 

When will I first see my pictures?

I take longer editing and processing your pictures than I do actually taking them. I put a lot of care into the finishing of your pictures. What I do is a creative process. Your pictures will be online around 3 weeks after your wedding, I’ll send you a link and a password. If you have an urgent need I will make an exception if I can. You can then tell me when you are ready to download your full set.

How do I book?

Get in touch, send me an E mail or fill out the form at the bottom of the page. I will need you to fill out a booking form which will become the contract and I will ask for a booking fee of 1/4 of the quoted cost.


Documentary Wedding Photography – a special approach to your day



London Wedding Photographer



A beautiful “Photo Essay” without the fuss.

We have been documenting lovely weddings for years now. First Steven on his own and then, for the last 12, with Josh. We know what you like and how you want to achieve it, we wouldn’t be the observant photographers we clearly are if we didn’t take notice. There are a lot of photographers now who say they will make natural pictures without the need to pose but we have the experience and sensitivity to do just that, flatter you and deliver a cohesive story of your wedding day. We reckon that’s still quite rare. Nicola and Jules from South Kensington got it in one…

“…The pictures really capture the atmosphere of the day, and the album is composed in such a way that as you follow the story, the whole day comes to life. You can really feel the sentiments and emotions that are expressed in the pictures…”

One of the comments we hear most from couples who look at our samples and meet us for the first time is “we didn’t know you could have wedding photography like this”. What we do is special it’s unique. Not just because we only do it for 30-40 couples each year but because we will pick up on the individual character of your wedding. We will tune in to you and your guests so that the picture story we create will reflect you and your very unique day. Sophie and Edmund from West Hampstead told us…

“… You have a great eye for capturing the atmosphere of the place and an unforced sense of the personalities of the guests…”

…And we will do all of that very discreetly. Most couples want some portraits of them together soon after they are married and out of over 1000 we have probably only ever photographed 5 or 10 that wanted no family groups. We can, and do, do those as you like, very quickly, naturally and within the context of the wedding. Most of the time though you should hardly notice us…

“…The family and lots of the guests have commented on your unobtrusive style and speed, and we both enjoyed meeting you too…”
Anita and Christian, Essex

“…You were so discreet and quiet on the day that we hardly noticed you…”
Stephen and Mary, London

And our favourite comment…
“…Thank you too for your guidance and discreet manner. Many people wondered why we didn’t have a photographer! It was brilliant…”
Lucy and David, Keswick

We are based in the North West of England, Steven mostly in The Lakes and Josh usually in Manchester, but we travel all over the world, often to London and Cheshire, in the last 6 years we have photographed weddings in the South of France, Italy,  Ireland and, so far unequaled for distance and quality of light, Queensland, Australia.

Have a look at some of our selected picture stories.

If you’re still not sure book us for a free shoot, details here…

We get a lot of E mail enquiries, you can do that, fill out the contact form or send an E mail to but it would be great to have a proper chat about your wedding plans, pick up the phone.
Talk soon.

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